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Member Pen International Born 1944 in the Netherlands. Studied psychology at Amsterdam University while working as a journalist and translator. In 1968 began three year journey through the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, collecting material for two works of non-fiction and feature articles, photographing for Syndication International, studying sitar at the feet of Ravi Shankar's father-in-law, the violent saint Ustad Allauddin Khan, and recording traditional music for the legendary Folkways Records (now a department of the Smithsonian Institution) and the Elektra Nonesuch series. Both are represented in musicological collections world wide. See page about work as archivist of ethnic music. Upon return to Europe in the early seventies practiced his craft as a writer in various formats: literary translations, journalism, copywriting. Traveled on all continents, frequently returning to the Asia he loves. In 1976 worked in New York as a feature writer and interviewer and made his debut as a novelist. Click here for the rest of the story...

Excuses, NL versie nog niet beschikbaar. Zie lemma in Wikipedia NL.
  N O N - F I C T I O N  ethnography
cover Woven Languages   Woven Languages / Linguagens Tecidas
Fundação Oriente, Lisbon, 2014. 144 pages, 95 colour ill. ISBN: 978-989-8651-07-5

cover Catalog of exhibition at the Museo do Oriente, Lisbon, held 2014/2015. The first exhibition in the world dedicated exclusively to the fabulous profusion of Indonesian ikat weaving traditions in a comprehensive fashion, showing 80 masterworks from the author's Pusaka Collection. The catalog proper is preceded by a series of short essays introducing the thirty island regions where ikat is or was made, covering the entire archipelago from Sumatra and Borneo till East Timor. Recommended by curators and collectors of repute for its scholarly approach and the quality of the pieces represented, many of which are very rare, some of them probably unique.
  N O N - F I C T I O N  leadership and creativity
cover   The Enlightened Leader
Co-authored with Fons Trompenaars
Jossey-Bass, London, Fall 2008. ISBN: 978-0-470-71396-9

cover Reflections on what constitutes enlightened leadership - and how to achieve it. Anyone who feels that there must be more in the world than chasing ever greater profits will benefit from this challenging exploration of the type of leadership that might justifiably be called 'enlightened'. The Enlightened Leader introduces a new system, the 'Chakras of Leadership', which helps to attain insight in the positive and negative aspects of our own leadership, and presents the business case for a type of leadership that places more emphasis on the profitable application of human energy than on shareholder value - arguing, paradoxically, that in a service/knowledge economy this is actually the best way to improve shareholder value. Review on Learning News.
cover   De verlichte leider ('The Enlightened Leader')
Business Contact, Amsterdam, 2009. ISBN 978 90 470 0216 1

cover  Dutch Translation of The Enlightened Leader.

cover   Oh, wat zijn we creatief! ('Oh, how creative we are!')
Co-authored with Marleen Janssen Groesbeek
Business Contact, Amsterdam August 2008. ISBN: 978 9047001171

cover  A study on the factors that stimulate and hinder creativity in organisations. Based on web survey in the Netherlands with 850 participants responding to 84 statements and 5 open questions. Finds that creativity is best served by openness towards the ideas of others, and an environment of trust. Also reveals a poignant paradox: organisations are clamoring for more creativity, while doing everything they can to kill it. Many appear to be permeated with fear - a real creativity killer, because in fear people do what they know will work and avoid experiment - and beset with ego issues like 'I listen to the ideas of others, but in the end will push my own'. Survey in English available at www.creativityresearch.net. Participation for individuals is free, organisations obtain detailed assessments with rich statistics through the author, reachable at Trompenaars Hampden-Turner.

cover Bespreking op Management Boek.
cover   De verlichte leider ('The Enlightened Leader')
Business Contact, Amsterdam, 2006. ISBN 978 9047001911

cover  Reflections on what constitutes enlightened leadership - and how to achieve it. The original, more compact work in Dutch that The Enlightened Leader builds on. Introduces the Chakras of Leadership. More on this subject on the site of www.soulconsultants.com, a virtual company set up to demonstrate the business case for enlightened leadership and values based management. Related matter also at the Centre for Enlightened Leadership, a think tank in statu nascendi.

cover Korte tekst op site van Soul Consultants.
cover   Geluk in zaken ('Corporate Happiness')
Business Contact, Amsterdam, 2004. ISBN 9025416136

cover  Subtitled: 'Strategic reflections on how to achieve happiness in a business environment. A 'how to' book for managers and professionals who want to achieve true success in their lives. One of its main themes is, that what makes people happy, is what makes organizations 'happy': being true to yourself and opting to do only what you can do wholeheartedly.

cover Beschrijving en reacties op site van Soul Consultants.
  N O N - F I C T I O N  autobiographical - the sixties trilogy
cover   Heilige voor halve dagen ('Part-time Saint')
Contact, Amsterdam, 2002. ISBN 90 254 9556 7

The story of a young man (the author at age 25) who travels to the East to seek enlightenment, liberation and the Higher Self, ending up in the Himalayas and on the borders of the Ganges. An iconoclastic look at the world of gurus, rishis, saddhus and other holy men. Full of gleaming nuggets of wisdom, polished and unpolished, and enlivened by self-deprecating humor.
cover   King Acid
Kindle (eBook), 2011

Subtitled How LSD came to Amsterdam. A chronicle of Amsterdam in the psychedelic sixties: the inside story of the introduction of LSD in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, written by a central character. With the Kinks, Salvador Dali, the Living Theater, Hans van Manen, Ornette Coleman and many others in supporting roles. Variously described as 'hilarous' and 'historical'. Click here or on the cover to read the introduction and a few chapters.
cover   King Acid
Contact, Amsterdam, 1999. ISBN 90 254 2149 0

Dutch translation of the above, publication of which preceded that of the original. Received much press coverage at the time of publication, and - along with the author's archive on the psychedelic period - was adopted as an historical document by Stadsarchief Amsterdam, the city archives of Amsterdam. Click here or on the cover to read the introduction and a few chapters.
cover   Across the Bedrock of Islam, A sixties trek across the heartland of Islam
Kindle (eBook), 2011

A rough trek across the bedrock of Islam in the late 1960s: a story of adventure and inner search. Two friends in their mid-twenties, one of them the author, travel from Amsterdam to Istanbul on a Pakistani smuggling caravan with old Mercedeses, go on to Kurdish villages and Syrian deserts; to hashish farms in Lebanon, the land of Hezbolla, and Shia shrines in Iraq (including the places so much in the news like Kerbala, Kufa, An Najaf); to the rose gardens of Iranian mystics and the whipped-up frenzy of dripping, self-flagellating believers; to feudal Afghanistan as smugglers and prince's bodyguard, to Pakistan in early turmoil. A world largely lost to us since, depicted by an author with rich visual memory, a freethinker's irreverance and an acute sense of the hilarious.

Chapter set in Abbottabad, where Osama bin Laden was killed

cover   De Trancekaravaan ('Trance Caravan')
Contact, Amsterdam, 1996. ISBN 90 254 0689 0

Dutch translation of High Across the Bedrock, publication of which preceded that of the original. Numerous readers reported that they took the book on the road, several say that it changed their lives.

Steden in het nieuws. Hoofdstukken uit Reisverslag Irak 1968 in De Trancekaravaan:
Bagdad, Basra, Al Diwaniya, An Nasiriya. An Najaf, Kerbala, Kufa, Ur.
cover   A Fresh Load of Angels
Kindle (eBook), 2011

Novella set in a Peru where social unrest and revolutionary fire simmer just under the surface. Rosario has bought a camera to look like a tourist, on a long the trip to a remote part of the country. As a professor of social psychology in Lima he became too close to the guerilla movements to be able to continue his work in the classroom. As he travels South in a colectivo taxi, he internally struggles with his loyalty to the church and his loyalty to the people, which seem impossible to reconcile. He shares the long ride a union organizer on the run, a rich business man too afraid of the guerrilla to drive his armoured car; his body guard; and the driver, a speed popping Quechia indian in love with his souped up big American. The way the five men go on each other's nerves leads to ever greater tension, and the inevitable release. After Rosario's rational and moral deliberation, in the end he comes to a dramatic act of liberation, manifesting a heroism that he would not have thought himself capable of at the moment of departure. (Originally published in Dutch as De Priessterrecruut, Contact, 1986. English rewrite by the author.)

cover   De Priesterrecruut ('A Fresh Load of Angels') Contact, Amsterdam, 1986.

Novel set in Peru about a priest, preacher of the theology of liberation, who struggles with the question whether or not he should get involved in the guerillla movement, weighing his loyalty to the church against his loyalty to the poor. One a day a dramatic event forces a decision. English manuscript available.
cover   De Laatste Vriend ('The Last Friend') Bert Bakker, Amsterdam, 1981.

The story of a spiritual quest without happy ending. A mergers-and-acquisitions manager, young and eager, keeps trying to make matches that he knows he shouldn't and as a result finds himself emotionally emptied. The only friend he has left at the end is the last product with which he has been intimately involved, a plastic garden gnome.
cover   Een Gestolen Leven ('A Stolen Life') Bert Bakker, Amsterdam, 1976.

In Goa, a young Indian of mixed descent steals a hippie's passport. He travels to Paris to seek his roots, and finds that he has little of a father, and a half-brother who proves more than that.

With author's apologies for the atrocious cover.
  S H O R T   S T O R I E S
cover   Precious Possessions Kindle (eBook), 2011.

In the title story a westerner of good will walks into a moral trap in the slums of Colombo. Fraternizing with the Natives is set in an African country busy shedding its colonial masters. A white woman lives in acute fear as her husband fails to return from a journey to the mines in the interior, the servants desert her, and a black officer approaches her with a kindness that deeply disturbs her. The Orang Moko follows a greedy buyer as he scours remote Indonesian islands for a taboo kind of antiques, meeting a cruel fate of his own making. Sensitive Skin, set deep in the jungles of Colombia, reminds us of how human it is to fail morally. Comic relief is found in The Law of Karma, a story in the vein of Indian storyteller R.K. Narayan. In A Painful Wedding, also set in India, we meet a holy man with a trident through his tongue who runs into a young western woman and starts to doubt his own holiness. Pushing Beyong Mango, set in Togo, is a dark green story, in which nothing is what it seems, and where egoism and love wrestle in the mood and blood of the rainy seaon. A Heavy Head tells of the futility of crime, as a desperate Brazilian father in the dry interior struggles to gain from an unholy act.
cover   De Liefdeskever Bert Bakker, 1983.

A collection of seven tropical stories, set in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Togo, Colombia and the Congo. Published in German as Der Liebeskäfer', Peter Hammer Verlag, Wuppertal, 1986.
  R E C R E A T I O N S
cover   I Ching, het Boek der Veranderingen ('I Ching, the Book of Changes') Bert Bakker, 1979. Revised versions published by Kosmos with various covers. Currently in 9th printing. Order at Au Bout du Monde.

A Dutch version of the ancient Chinese oracle and Taoist guide book, based on the classic James Legge translation. With extensive introduction on background of the I Ching, method of use, esoteric meaning, and guide to interpretation.
  W O R K S   I N   C O L L A B O R A T I O N
cover   Melencolia mit dem Zirkel und Richtscheit ('Melencolia with Compasses and Ruler')
Co-authored with Franz deckwitz. Private publication with Dutch government funding, 1987.

Study of the underlying geometry of Albrecht Dürer's engraving Melencolia by the painter Franz Deckwitz with introductory text and notes by Peter ten Hoopen. Deckwitz' research show that Dürer based this famous print on various complex geometrical constructions such as pentagrams, and also gave clues to his awarenes of hermetic knowledge such as the angles of the great pyramid and methods for the squaring of the circle. Portfolio acquired by various institutes of art and history, such as the Warburg Institute and the Louvre.

cover   De kunst van het schrift ('The Art of Script') Co-authored with Ewald Vanvugt. Commissioned by IBM, 1987.

An historical overview of the development of script around the world, richly illustrated - in part with photographs from private collection of images on the theme of communication. Concept, art-direction and final edit by Peter ten Hoopen, research and text by Ewald Vanvugt with additional chapters by Peter ten Hoopen.
  T R A N S L A T I O N S
cover   Sidney Cohen, The Beyond Within, the LSD Story
From the English, translated as Buitenste Binnen, Van Ditmar 1966.

First serious work on mind-altering drugs, written not to hammer in the dangers, but to open the mind to exploration of some of the most powerful substances known to man. The book rapidly came to be seen as the one book on drugs one should read, and it is as interesting today as when it was published. Most famous quote: "There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane." While maintaining a sceptical position throughout, Cohen proposed that substances such as LSD might be used to explore, profit from, and enjoy this unusual, rich, enhanced state of mind.

cover   Roger Garaudy, Herovering van de Hoop. Original: Reconquête de l'Espoir Translated from the French, Bezige Bij, Kritiese Blibliotheek, 1973.

Garaudy, a prominent French intellectual, was always struggling for social justice, looking for it both in communism and Christianity - albeit a Christianity beyond the church, which he viewed as bound up in the very power structure that was to be fought to attain a more just society. In later life Garaudy converted to Islam and became a vocal supporter of the Palestian cause. A fighter for the poor and the opressed all his life, Abbé Pierre was one of his closest friends and supporters. Reconquête de l'Espoir, part of his ongoing Marxist-Christian dialogue, is one of his seminal works.


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