Roving Star Web Design grew out of love for programming and a desire to help friends and a few clients to create a personal, authentic web presence. This is a virtual business, not an ongoing concern. Below you will find a number of sites showcasing our work. You are especially invited to check out the site of Soul Consultants, the higher, and deeper, side of the Roving Star constellation.

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Author's latest novel The Author  
Peter ten Hoopen is the author of nine novels and works of non-fiction and three works in collaboration. He co-founded of a successfull advertising agency in Amsterdam, traveled to over 60 countries, and currently works as senior consultant for Trompenaars Hampden-Turner, one of the world's leading corporate culture consultancies.
Soul, Corporate Culture Consultants Consultancy
Peter ten Hoopen consults in the field of corporate culture. His aim is to help clients build winning corporate cultures, inspired by a well defined purpose, a shared set of values and, ideally, collective passion. He helps create organisations that derive their strength from their moral convictions, their transparancy and authenticity.
Purpose Survey Purpose Survey
Helps boards and management teams define the true purpose of their organisations. Inspired by Purpose, The Starting Point of Great Companies by Nikos Mourkogiannis. For refined feedback, two additional aspects have been added to the original quadrant. Developed for Trompenaars Hampden-Turner, world leaders in 'culture for business'.
Creativity Survey Creativity Survey
Fine grained web survey (English and Dutch versions) developed for Trompenaars Hampden-Turner with Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad. The survey charts the factors that stimulate and inhibit creativity in organisations. Modular build allows easy conversion to other subjects.
Chakra Survey Chakra Survey
Test seven energy centres in your being, to see which aspects of your personality are well developed, and which could benefit from more tender loving care. Bilingual companion to Peter ten Hoopen's De verlichte leider (The Enlightened Leader). Integrates PHP programming for survey scoring and graphics generation on the fly. Personal Portal
Everyman his own portal - that's where we're going. This is, our contribution to modern times. The Palm Tungsten interface was homemade from scratch, using a Palm image plucked off the net. The screen was cleaned, cut into strips, mapped where needed and typeset for a Java script menu with a roll-over effect.
Advertising Advertising
Site in Dutch highlighting the maker's qualities as an advertising copywriter and creative director. If the text is gobbledygook to you, perhaps you'll agree that the art-directors involved have made it darn good looking gobbledygook. Please note that all of this work dates from the '80s and early 90s, as we have since gone on to other things...
Ocean adventure Ocean Adventure
Memorial site for crew of sailing yacht Sereia, proud to have made it to the Azores - and back! Showcases how much can be achieved with how little: a well designed background, a custom 'back' button and clear, no-fuss typography.
Centre for Enlightened Leadership Centre for Enlightened Leadership
A virtual entity, CEL promotes a type of leadership based on an enlightened vision: the world is changing, more rapidly than many realize, in a direction of more oneness, more freedom and openness, where corporations will be expected to be good global citizens and represent true values.
Madrugada Madrugada
Site celebrating ocean sailing - in particular ocean sailing on board S.Y. Madrugada, a 'truly classic' 51 ft André Hoek designed cutter. A simple example of content management: economically built site uses a single page to display the contents. Easy to maintain and update.
Ikat Art Ikat Art
Site in statu nascendi for Pusaka Gallery, created 99% by a code generator written for the purpose. A standard CSV database (Access, Excel) is algorithmically married to a page template, to spawn the 150 odd individual HTML pages. No server side nothin', we dish 'em up from here. Recreating entire site takes ten seconds. Menu done in DHTML.
Integral Yoga Yoga Algarve
Site for Roving Star founder's resident Yoga teacher, Ineke ten Hoopen, trained and certified in the Satchidananda/Yogaville school of Integral Yoga, which aims to develop every aspect of the individual: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Scheduled classes in Lagos, Portugal, and sessions on request as an integrated element of retreat programs.
Real dream in the Alentejo Real Dreams - Samouqueira
Herdade da Samouqueira, on the Alentejo coast. Site for future retreat of Centre for Enlightened Leadership. A place to get away from it all, to live in and with nature, and find yourself. One can roam around here for hours, but a little browsing takes only a few minutes.
360 degree views in Western Algarve Real Dreams - Canafechal
Monte do Canafechal, hill with 360 degree views in the Western Algarve. Portable portfolio. 'Accidentally' provides a spectacular visual history of nature's recovery after fire.
Holiday business Holiday Rental 1
Site for a five star holiday villa in Southern Portugal. The site has been instrumental in attracting the right kind of clients for this upmarket property. Content is king: apart from its functional lay-out, and intuitive interface, what appeals to clients most is the rich content.
Holiday business Holiday Rental 2
People booking a holiday want to get a glimpse of where they are going, they want to know what else they can do there but work on their tans. What this boils down to is information, tons of it, both visual and verbal. Content, once again, is king. Or queen in this case. [Link deactivated. Shown on request.]
Customer Loyalty Customer Loyalty
This site was built for Customer Loyalty in the Netherlands, a consultancy firm focusing on loyalty management, using design elements of the website of their German subsidiary, and input from their consultants. [Link deactivated. Shown on request.]
The Clean Look The Clean Look
A fresh, clean look brings out the best of an attractive proposition. World class beauty does not require much adornment, just elegant presentation. The value of stylish art work c annot easily be overstated. Most people take the world at face value: 'If it looks good, it probably is...' [Link deactivated. Shown on request.]
Never too hard as long as it sells! Hard Sell
How hard is hard? How hard is too hard? Is it ever hard enough? These are the tough questions that marketeers have to answer for themselves. Our philosophy: ain't nothin' wrong with hard-sell, as long as it sells. (An important caveat, because hard sell can kill a tender, sensitive proposition.) [Link deactivated. Shown on request.]
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Ingeborg ten Hoopen, Painter/Sculptor Monte do Canafechal, Ribeira de Arão, Algarve, Portugal Classic Quinta near Lagos, Western-Algarve, Portugal