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PURPOSE SURVEY - Based on Purpose, The Starting Point of Great Companies by Nikos Mourkogiannis
Programming and commentary by Peter ten Hoopen, ©Centre for Enlightened Leadership, 2007

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Think hard about your choices and try to avoid ticking 'None of the above' - clear input produces clear output.

1. Customers are attracted to our products and services because:
   They are on the cutting edge and do things no other product or service can do.
   They are simply the best products and services in every respect: design, durability and quality.
   They make people happy.
   They are the most powerful choice.
   They provide our workforce with jobs.
   They are produced by a company seen as successful.
   None of the above.

2. Employees come to work for us, instead of other firms, because:
   They will have a chance to explore new avenues and invent new things.
   They will work on the most elegant products and services, and learn from world-class artisans.
   They will be treated with respect and be able to please customers.
   They will join the winning team, if they have what it takes.
   They love us for our humanitarian dedication.
   They stand a good chance of enriching themselves.
   None of the above.

3. Investors and venture capitalists put their money into our firm because:
   They expect it to be a leader in new ideas and technologies.
   They know that there will always be a market for the very best.
   They recognize that there are great fortunes to be made in making people happy.
   This is the company that will dominate its niche.
   They share our view that providing employment is a worthwhile purpose.
   They know that we are singularly focused on making money.
   None of the above.

4. When people criticize our firm or suggest that we may be in trouble,
    they usually make their case on these grounds:

   We are too risk-prone and likely to overextend ourselves.
   Our prices are too high, and our market share is too small.
   In the name of service, we don't play fair.
   We are frightening to deal with, as if we consider ourselves better than everyone else.
   We pamper our workforce and do not pay enough attention to the bottom line.
   We are too focused on shareholder value to generate employee fullfilment and loyalty.
   None of the above.

5. When we reach our unfulfilled potential, it might look something like this:
   Leading the next wave of exploration, ahead of everyone else, returning with results that
        no one else has achieved, and selling enough to finance the next audacious leap.
   Providing a product or service so "insanely great" that everyone who sees it is transfixed.
   Being recognized as a source of happiness and well-being.
   Finding the world is significantly different than it would have been if we had never existed.
   Creating a corporate community with great cohesion and loyalty.
   Making profits far above the average for our industry.
   None of the above.

6. Those who lead this firm (including myself, if I am a leader) have the following skills and priorities:
   The ability to bring a genuinely cutting-edge innovation to market.
   The ability to create and recognize elegance.
   The ability to make our customers truly happy.
   The ability to marshal superior intellect and intention.
   The ability to connect with people and develop their full potential.
   The ability to produce/buy at low cost while selling at a premium.
   None of the above.

7. The best management system is the following:
   Allow innovators to make decisions themselves but hold them accountable to their choices.
   Set up teams who can continually monitor and improve the quality of what they do.
   Focus employees on service.
   Put the best people in charge as leaders, with decisions reflecting their unique gifts and talents.
   Make sure that employees are happy.
   Never ever lose sight of the bottom line.
   None of the above.

8. When I leave my current job, this will be my personal most desired legacy:
   I helped bring about new things.
   I helped create something beautiful.
   I helped make people happy.
   I helped the best people take charge.
   I helped create good employment for our people.
   I helped make our shareholders money beyond their expectations.
   None of the above.