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This survey aims to chart the factors that promote and inhibit corporate creativity

Concept and realisation: Marleen Janssen Groesbeek, editor at Financieele Dagblad, and Peter ten Hoopen,
senior consultant at Trompenaars Hampden-Turner, international corporate culture consultancy

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My work allows me to fully develop my talents
I am very open to other people's ideas
All great leaders are creative
Obstacles to me are challenges to be more creative
I like to stick to established procedures
I regularly allow myself a little freewheeling
One of my strong suits is predictability
Inspiring others is one of my primary tasks
I come home more energised then when I go to work
I avoid saying anything that might make me look foolish
Creativity needs to be managed with a firm hand
I generally feel good about myself
I give the people I lead a lot of freedom
As far as I am concerned anything may be done differently tomorrow
No better stimulus for creativity than collective passion
Everyone is born creative
Focus on quarterly figures chokes creativity
My organisation suffers from too much creativity
Wrong ideas can't be suppressed quickly enough
The only way to be sure of anything is to measure it
It delights me to see other people pick up my ideas
Nothing is quite as stimulating for creativity as the fear of being fired
Brainstorming is most effective when done with a group of specialists
Creativity sounds great but is of little practical use
Benchmarking is killing for creativity
The best stimulus for creativity is a well-defined problem
I have the ability to rapidly get to the core of issues
I have learned to trust my intuition
I am more task-oriented than people-oriented
I am passionate about my work
I am content when my people meet their targets
I don't like to talk about ideas before I have fully developed them
I don't like sudden changes
The greater the pressures on me to be creative the less I succeed
Flirting stimulates my creativity
Creativity is mostly a matter of removing obstacles
I like to have a clearly delineated task
I am very keen to get my own ideas realised
I listen to other people's ideas and then do my own thing
When I look into the future I see mostly problems
Benchmarking raises the level of creativity
Clients to me are an important source of inspiration
It is very important to me to enjoy my work
I usually manage to get my own ideas executed
My constructive criticism helps colleagues to improve their ideas
I have a good idea at least once a day
I like to create something entirely new
I just go with the flow
My creativity springs from my need to excel
No better stimulus for creativity than a fat bonus
I am afraid to make mistakes
I like to make provocative statements
I don't care whether I work with a man or a woman
When necessary I can suppress my emotions effectively
A good sex life stimulates creativity
I like to do things thoroughly
At work my true emotions are appreciated
Personal feelings are best not brought to work
I am predominantly rational
Much of my creativity stems from sexual frustration
Repressed sexuality is an important source of creativity
I find it easy to share other people's feelings
I laugh more often than most people
Who I am and how I work are closely related
I prefer something old that works over something new that is untested
Improving efficiency is more important than creativity
I don't mind being contradicted
I have a good feeling for what this day and age requires
I like to do one thing at a time
I have a flexible way of dealing with rules and regulations
Never mind how hard the problem I am pretty sure to find a solution
It is easy for me to see both sides of an issue
I like to work with people from other disciplines
I have learned not to present ideas that challenge the status quo
I favour stability
I have learned not to stand out
I am good at inspiring others
I like to think up short-cuts
It is important for me to be original
Creativity is just a fad it'll be over before you know
It is difficult for me to be creative in a group
I only start getting creative when there is something to be gained
I reward my people's creativity
I am not easily discouraged
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What exactly constitutes creativity?
What stimulates your creativity?
In terms of creativity, what is your greatest hindrance?
Why is creativity in such high demand these days?
The most creative organisation I know is:
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